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To answer this question, we first need to explain what naturopathy is – a type of healing where natural remedies are used to help a person. These include herbal therapy, exercise, massage, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling among other things. Naturopaths use botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathic medicine, and supplements and offer lifestyle and psychological counseling and adjustment and physical manipulation skills.

Some NPs are able to carry out minor surgery and their facilities are equipped with modern diagnostic and laboratory testing.

All NPs provide plant-based supplements and herbal ointments that help the body heal. These may include either eastern or western herbal formulas with healing applications for various conditions and symptoms.

Hydrotherapy is a key healing modality in traditional naturopathy that involves therapeutic use of water. It includes application of warm or cool water in special baths or compresses. Homeopathy is a gentle form of non-invasive therapy that uses a minute amount of natural substances to help one’s body or soul heal.

None of these offerings would be complete without nutritional counseling, which involves diet assessment and nutritional supplementation in making the best diet choices based on the client’s individual circumstances.

What can I expect?

The first appointment is an hour and a half long on average. The naturopath will ask you a few questions about your health, including your habits and any mental or physical conditions, to prepare an individualized plan for care. All other subsequent appointments can last between half an hour and one hour depending on your needs. Generally, naturopathic services are covered by insurance. You can find naturopaths in hospitals, clinics, and private offices.

There are three types of NPs: naturopathic physicians, traditional providers, and healthcare providers. We always recommend choosing the first type because they have medical degrees. Apart from having received the same training as conventional medical doctors, they have also specialized in psychology, nutrition, and complementary therapies such as hydrotherapy and herbal medicine. Normally, naturopaths need a license to be able to practice.

Some health care providers – doctors, nurses, or chiropractors – may also have degrees in naturopathy.

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